Well, it depends on whether you compare 'like' with 'like'. If you notice that there are a number of 'prepared' theory courses that are being sold at a lower price, it might at first appear that the prices quoted by DP Music Services are quite high. However, remember that with the cheaper alternatives you are paying for an 'off-the-shelf' solution which is sold just as a product is sold on the High Street: firstly, it is not tailored to the particular needs of any student, and secondly does not provide the valuable marking and monitoring services that are an integral part of DP Music Services courses. At DP Music Services each student is treated as an individual, personally tutored so as to reach the highest potential possible. Tutors at DP Music Services will go to tremendous pains to ensure that each student fully grasps the various topics of the course. With 'Theory by Post' you are purchasing far more than a set of instructions and/or work sheets, as our aim is to personally coach each student through the course rather than merely selling information. In reality you are paying 8.00 for at least three hours of detailed and targeted tuition provided by a highly trained and experienced teacher: if you had to find a local equivalent you would most likely be paying five times as much! If you compare 'like' with 'like', you will see that 'Theory by Email' really isn't at all expensive!